Problem With "Installing Apps"

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Dear Friends i have meizu mx4pro with latest version of flyme , Flyme OS 4.5.7A . I uninstalled viber , keepsafe and shadow fight 2 now i want to install them again package installer says ‘‘Replace as’’ when i press ok the apps will shows Text and says “App Not Installed” i don’t know to do…!

Is one of the game is modded?


I had the problem when I restored my home screen from the Flyme Account.

Clear the Data, and reinstall google through the Meizu AppCenter, and follow by installing one app after another.

@DaniiSaahir yes bro i have Alot of games that moded

@Ultrametric i restored it too thanks, now everything is good…

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@soranerr0r Stop to double post!
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@Ultrametric 😂😂 i know sorry . I have some problems with my internet , when i’m replying a post the internet will stop and when i reload it , it will be posted two times sorry . Like now 😂😂

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