Flyme OS 4.5.3I (m2) on Chinese m2

hi… i found Flyme OS 4.5.3I from a japanese website. i’ve already installed it on my m2 mini. everything is ok, but i can’t find flyme account on setting so i can’t root it. any help maybe? below is the download link:

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how to install it ???you put the on phone storage and go to recovery to install it ??Can you tell me or upload screenshot from languages ??i’m interesting for greek language.

yes, put the on phone storage first. you can install it from recovery by pressing power + volume up or you can install it by opening the document and touch the and choose clear data… remember to backup your phone by going to setting > about >storage > backup data.

here is the screenshot of the languages. i dunno which one is greek. sorry i don’t know how to resize the picture here.
S51028-155945.jpg S51028-155933.jpg S51028-155923.jpg S51028-155913.jpg

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Does update from A to I is possible by recovery? Does it removes installed apps (clear data)?

If i flash tihs.Can i receive new updates from Meizu ??you find way to root it.Try Kingroot apk and tell me.

@rolin said:

Does update from A to I is possible by recovery? Does it removes installed apps (clear data)?

Impossible, just tried it. Bootloader for I is different from the one for other versions

@loveforever Have any difference from which i had now ??exept it is no flyme account ??Have any other problem or problem to flash it ??Which version have you before flash this rom ??can you root it ??

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Vietnamese have not you?

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@zgfg We don’t have the Indian-International Version on this forum.
I learned yesterday that there is a difference between the real International Version and the Indian-International Version.

Every firmware here that ends with an “I” is the real International firmware, in this forum!

I think it’s another insanely stupid move of Meizu to hand out two firmwares, that are different but have the same name. No serious Software Developer would do that, but guess what Meizu does it.

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@zgfg Yes this is right, as there is no real International Version for M2 mini as of now.

Only the Indian Version is available. It’s bonkers, this mix up of “I” versions annoys me.

And talking a bit more about the Indian Version, I think it is the International Version, with additional things, so it should include all languages and some stuff for India like locale and languages, but I am not going to install this, so someone else could please confirm this.

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@soupis Didn’t install it cause i have and you can’t install I version if you are running a A version
Well i tried to install it but it says “file corrupt” only because you’re not allowed to switch version

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@loveforever Thanks for the information.

That implies, that it’s an international version with some stuff for India. :D

upload and the official site

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