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I baught an used MX3 and downloaded the 3.7.3 Firmware here. Put the .zip in the root directory and tried to update. Now my phone is stuck because after upgrading it wrote: FIRMWARE CORRUPT. Now I got reboots all over and can’t connect to the PC. How can I replace the file and how can I connect to the PC?? Is there a flashing tool??

Please Help
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@Irfan-Mecinovic it writes firmware corrupt before it upgrades the phone, so there should be no problem. just start your phone and use it.

Thank you for your fast reply, but the phone is Stück in the Meizu logo. Do you know what I could do??


@Irfan-Mecinovic turn it off and then press VOLUME UP and POWER until you see the Meizu logo

And then, let go both buttons? How long am I supposed to wait at the Meizu logo?

And I cannot turn it off. It always reboots itself.

Well first use VOlume UP+ Power on button together to get into recovery. Connect to pc and move firmware in the recovery partition. Disconnect and upgrade.

Thanks a lot. It worked well. Where did I go wrong? Tried to install 3.7.3A from this site. Was it a mistake not to click on clear data? If I want to install 4.5.7 am I able to do it off 3.5.3?? Or do I have to go to 4.xx first??
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@Irfan-Mecinovic just go to 4.5.7 but clear data, when you come from such an old Firmware Version.

I don’t know what you did wrong, could be that you tried to install an international firmware on a Chinese device.

I just don t get it. I m sorry for beeing a pain in the ass but I m keen on an upgrade. Everytime I try to run the upgrade, either the 3.7.3 or the 4.5.7 It just teels me that I need to download the full package because its ROOTed. So I m stuck on 3.5.3. I tried the the Recovery and Data Manager way.

Yes, I ve got The 600 MB bin file but it always tells me to download the full package. TheI mean its not an international version eitherways soi can t do no wrong with the versions. I clivked on “clear data” as wellbut theres always a yellow warning Sohn. 3.7.3 by the way, must be corrupted. It always gets into a bootloop.


@Irfan-Mecinovic do you have iton your SD-Card?
Try to put the full update on your main memory. What do you mean with a boot-loop, how long is your phone in this boot loop?

And are you able to access the Recovery Mode? By VOLUME UP and POWER Button, after turning off your phone?

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These are the first days for me with this phone. A Meizu is different to all the other phones I had concerning the Firmware. I’ve downloaded the 4.5.7A bin ROM and placed it in the main storage. I do not even have a SD-card. Now the funny part is that when I try to upgrade the 4.5.7A ROM through the data manager, it gives me the yellow warning sign after it looked like the process was successfull. When I restart my phone, the info still shows the 3.5.3 firmware.
Whereas when I try to upgrade to 3.7.3 from your website, I ll get the yellow sign afterwards and when it restarts, I m stuck on the Meizu logo.

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