Where to buy M2 Grey in Europe?

Hi! Can anybody recommend an online store which provides delivery in EU, who has Meizu M2 Grey in stock and for adequate price?
Thank You

Just ordered one today at amazon.fr.
Be aware to order the M578H model dirctly from amazon, not the U or M model by a reseller, otherwise you’ll get a chinese version.
I haven’t seen the M578H model under 169,- in Europe…
They still have 5 in stock, so you’ll have to hurry.


@crazy.atco amazon.fr or amazon.co.uk is usually the cheapest place to buy the international version, but it has to be shipped and sold by amazon. Link: http://www.amazon.fr/dp/B014JMDOO8/ref=twister_B014WG8TDM?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

If it’s not shipped and sold by amazon, you just get an overpriced Chinese Version without support!

If you want the much cheaper Chinese Version, it starts to ship from geekbuying for 116€, that’s a trust worthy shop.
Have a look here: http://www.kimovil.com/en/where-to-buy-meizu-m2

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Gearbest has it also in grey from his European warehouse.


@manik Gearbest does not have a EU warehouse.
This shop just uses an express delivery named oneworldexpress, to bring the thing fast from China to the UK, and from there to anywhere inside of the EU.

But yeah, if they pretend to ship from their non existing EU-Warehouse, it means you get the phone fast and without paying taxes, that’s a good choice.

Gearbest have only white colour :(

What differences have H, M and U models? M and U have different frequeces in 2GG as I know.

@Ultrametric Well my M2 note shipped from their warehouse in Hungary. I don’t know if it really exists but it was shipped from there. The tracking number they gave me was indeed from Hungary and when I bought it I choose to be shipped from their European warehouse, not from China.

I’m talking about M2, not M2 Note. In Russia they call them M2 Mini.


@manik I got my MX5 that way and followed the tracking number, it only worked on oneworldexpress. A local post services carries out the order after it’s in the UK. In my case DPD delivered it.

Try your tracking number on their page, I’m confident that it shows all info including the flight to the EU.

I asked Gearbest for the location of the device, even had it in a Paypal dispute. They would not tell me the location of it. We can guess now, why they would not tell it, or just call it strange to not provide the information after a customer asks, or within a paypal dispute under some pressure :P

@crazy-atco yes we know, we are talking about this phone

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