Flyme OS 4.5.7 stable (MX2)


  • Optimization: improve the performance of power performance.
  • Optimization: improve Flyme networking service experience.
  • FIX: When a new message lock screen, Home button no problems breathing light effect.


  • FIX: STK entrance no problem.
  • FIX: Can not add from Contacts problems blacklist.
  • Fixed: notification bar click data in a network switch, suggesting that “the current SIM card is not enabled, this feature can not be used” issue.
  • FIX: Problems can not receive the microblogging private letter.


  • Optimization: IME stuck solve part of the scene under question.
  • Fix: On the desktop slide exhaled search, click on the Home button to exit the question will pop Smartbar.
  • FIX: Keyboard settings Open after English association functions, the system is not on the English keyboard screen problem.
  • Yan text problem can set up complex expressions lock screen password: Repair.


  • Fix: 360 cloud disk bound account history folder file name is garbled, the file can not be loaded question.


  • Fix: Open after map type applications pointer does not indicate the correct direction of the problem.

Backup and Recovery

  • FIX: After backup process automatic lock screen, backups are stuck unable to complete the backup problem.


  • Optimization: to enhance the online page wallpaper slide fluency.


  • FIX: full-screen playback of online video, the problem can not be adjusted after the progress bar to adjust the video resolution.


  • FIX: When you first add an account, character input position and the cursor position does not match the problem.
  • Fix: Open the probabilistic flash a black screen problem when mail application.


  • FIX: After using 360 free Wi-Fi is available mining Wi-Fi, the status bar displays a lot of repeat Wi-Fi hotspot name issue.

Voice assistant

  • Problems using voice assistant sent after the success of microblogging, microblogging home page does not show: Fix.

Flyme 4.5.7A

Flyme 4.5.7A

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A .zip version for the HK version, when will this avaible?


@BT66 said:

A .zip version for the HK version, when will this avaible?

Maybe never. No one knows.

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