Flyme OS 4.5.7 stable (MX3)


  • Optimization: improve the performance of power performance.
  • Optimization: improve Flyme networking service experience.
  • FIX: When a new message lock screen, Home button no problems breathing light effect.


  • FIX: STK entrance no problem.
  • FIX: Can not add from Contacts problems blacklist.
  • Fixed: notification bar click data in a network switch, suggesting that “the current SIM card is not enabled, this feature can not be used” issue.
  • FIX: Problems can not receive the microblogging private letter.


  • Optimization: IME stuck solve part of the scene under question.
  • Fix: On the desktop slide exhaled search, click on the Home button to exit the question will pop Smartbar.
  • FIX: Keyboard settings Open after English association functions, the system is not on the English keyboard screen problem.
  • Yan text problem can set up complex expressions lock screen password: Repair.


  • Fix: 360 cloud disk bound account history folder file name is garbled, the file can not be loaded question.


  • Fix: Open after map type applications pointer does not indicate the correct direction of the problem.

Backup and Recovery

  • FIX: After backup process automatic lock screen, backups are stuck unable to complete the backup problem.


  • Optimization: to enhance the online page wallpaper slide fluency.


  • FIX: full-screen playback of online video, the problem can not be adjusted after the progress bar to adjust the video resolution.


  • FIX: When you first add an account, character input position and the cursor position does not match the problem.
  • Fix: Open the probabilistic flash a black screen problem when mail application.


  • FIX: After using 360 free Wi-Fi is available mining Wi-Fi, the status bar displays a lot of repeat Wi-Fi hotspot name issue.

Voice assistant

  • Problems using voice assistant sent after the success of microblogging, microblogging home page does not show: Fix.

Flyme 4.5.7A

Flyme 4.5.7A

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Why we don’t get “I” version for 4.5.7 ? Same thing for 4.5.6…

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i sent an email to meizu 2 days ago and they texted me back saying to me that they don’t know when they are going to release the international version of that… But i guess since they’re still making changes to the Chinese version, they’re not gonna release the international one till the chinese version is bug-free

still not good enough comparated to flyme 3, also had problems with google services all around google apps.

Why do you have problems with the google services? Personally, at least for the google related stuff, everything works perfect! Maybe you’re doing something wrong?

Hi Guys!
Yesterday I made the update from to 4.5.7

Two things struck me :

  1. The volume steps when using headphones have become much coarser.
    Heres a change in sight ?

  2. In Whatsapp I get in the status bar of a notivication Whatsapp where the Chat list is compiled and then again a notification for each chat .

Is there any help here ?

Best Regards Thomas!

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Easy answer: Nope.

@avadon idk i did clear install and installed google services with google installer… I dont really care anywway bcs this version is still laggy as hell

I am with talkmobile in the UK and haven’t been able to get any signal or sim card recognition with any of the 4.5 firmwares.

For me this software runs quite well!
Audio seems pretty loud again as well, if you hit the volume button once and then control the volume slider with your finger, volume control is very accurate!
And battery life seems way better than in flyme 3!

@Timoese92 said:

please tell me after few days if its still that good.

Is there any way to fix google play issue with phone being incompatible?
A lot of applications became unavailable because of this.

Okay, so I just discovered that this newest firmware blocks apps from drawing over other apps, so apps like bubble browser or facebook messenger (conversations in bubbles) don’t work. That’s it, I’m probably coming back to android KitKat, there’s just too many bugs in these lollipop versions.

@koglimail did you enable it in notifications for these apps?

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