Flyme OS test firmware (MX5)


  • Added “map” APP.
  • Photo navigation: Support 360 degree panoramic display navigation, add custom navigation Categories.
  • Sidebar: support slide from the left edge of the sidebar, experience more personalized features.
  • Route Planning: support car, walking, bus route planning and navigation.
  • Subway map: subway lines provide detailed information, including first and last time at each site.

Set up

  • Suspension Ball: The sliding gesture Add "button to open the menu 'options.
  • Wake gesture: Graphic wake new “Alipay - personal payment code” option.
  • Language: Added Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong).
  • Cleanup Data: Restore factory settings optimized logic, restore the system, the boot will be the default display original binding Flyme account when Shuangqing password will be lifted after the check account binding Flyme.


  • Members receive: Music opened Thanksgiving activities, membership users can receive free two-month membership services, after the purchase of a non-member non-members can get a free two-month membership.


  • GIF: GIF new production interrupted at any time to pause and completion.
  • Third party call: Increase manually, beauty, macro mode when the three third-party applications calling camera.
  • Flash: Modify the current limit, allowing the flash when charging.
  • Scan code: Cancel camera scan code mode, the new “sweep the” independent APP.

Sweep the

  • Add “sweep the” APP.
  • Scan code: supports two-dimensional code or barcode scanning identification.
  • Cover: supports scanning to identify music album covers, book covers and posters.
  • Local Photos: Support add the local image scanning recognition.


  • Scene Category: Photos - menu - click “classification by content,” according to the picture content intelligent classification.
  • Fix: Some scenes add mosaics, the saved position offset problems Houmasaike.


  • You may also like: Home new “guess you like” module.
  • Intelligent recommendation: Video details page optimization “relevant recommendation” algorithm.

Cloud Storage

  • Capacity View: New cloud disk to use capacity for the function.
  • Search: cloud disk support search.
  • Online Preview: no download, support more document formats and Open Source Online Preview.


  • Paintings: Levels New features real paintings, put up phone real level measurement.

System Upgrade

  • Update Settings: Silent download logic optimization.

Documents Management

  • Optimization: Filters micro letter received small display video and audio files.

User Center

  • Order management: new “My Orders” page, easy to manage account Order.


  • Optimization: Increase the last read position memory function.
  • Increase the animation to generate new subscriptions card when sections: Optimization.


  • Optimization: Modify the English keyboard symbols.
  • Optimization: Adding error correction engine Sogou.

Lock screen

  • Fix: Even now lock screen notification that the problem at the bottom of the screen.

Status Bar

  • Optimization: Increase the battery charging unfold, hidden animations.
  • Optimization: After the battery is full charged state is no longer displayed.
  • FIX: After the drop-down suspension notice, there will be no problem when you come to notice of the suspension notice.

Mobile butler

  • Fix: Problems after rubbish micro letter download package does not display the expression.


  • FIX: even now unrecognized fingerprint boot problems.

Desktop Cloud Backup

  • Fix: disconnected from the network during the recovery process, the recovery after a pause, not cancel restore problems.



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I have installed the test firmware (MX5). trying to install google installer but it is going to to loop once installation is triggered. again it is going in to downloading mode.
But i could able to install google apps, including google play services and Google play store.
Can you check this issue.

Navin T


@navint how did you upgrade? Did you clear data when upgrading? From what version did you go to Flyme 5…A beta?

I have had no trouble getting play store to work, the way described in our F.A.Q. (I just got the google installer from the Meizu AppCenter)

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I could able to install the google installer after deleting the Data. Now the new issue i have is, there is a folder( Other ) that is taking space from storage which is more than the system space.
System: 2.87
Pictures: 16.kb
Audios: 16kb
Videos: 8kb
Others: 1.16 GB
Did factory setting, and then when ever iam installing apps, the apps folder is getting filled along with this folder.
So total storage left is only 7.GB out of 16Gb (including for System)

Sorry forgot to mention, from to to, downloaded the update file, restarted in restore mode, selected system upgrade + Clear Data.

But Data is not getting cleared fully. Also Cannot wipe cache, how to do that?
Because when i restart in restore mode( Volume up + Start buttom ) , i get only two options.

The other folder is not getting cleared, and old data and app folders which are installed in previous firmware still existing.

Mod-Warning; YOU CAN EDIT YOUR POSTS! There is no need for a double post. Your next double post, I will just delete.

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@navint This doesn’t help you, but you should have bought the 32GB.
Neither the 16GB of the MX4Pro, nor the 16GB of the MX5 is big enough, for daily use.
I got the 32GB MX5 and used up half of the space within a month. A 21MP camera just eats up a lot of space.

Did you try to fix it from the security app and “purify” your system?

So you mean to say that i have to live with the other folder issue permanently?
I tried doing purify, still when ever i install a app, the other folder keep taking more space.

In India Meizu released only 16GB mx5.


@navint Yeah I know, and it sucks! It’s a pity that Meizu sells a 16GB phone with a 20MP camera.

No, I don’t think that you have to live with it. It’s just hard to guess what it is.
My phones shows 3.12GB in others. But let’s not discuss this here, let’s create a different topic, to go into detail.

Post a screen and/or more information on your problem here please:

Dirac HD Sound in not available in this version of software. It was available in Can you let me know please


@navint We have a function called “Edit” please use it! I deleted your last post, as it was another double post.

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