Flyme 5.1 - wellcome YunOS

Hi to all,

Did someone read the thread on bbs.flyme forum?

How I understand in November 15 will realse new version of Flyme 5.1 and it will be based on YunOS. Is that correct? Did I understand right? Or that will be two different OS for Meizu?

P.S. Here you can read someone changes for Flyme 5.1

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@iskomx5 i dont really care about other OS … it can run any kind of os they want…as long as battery life isnt shit and u can run 1-2 games without frying ur hands :D
i highly doubt it will come to mx5 since it says that meizu metal will get it ( thats what i got from my translation )
is flyme 5.1 confirmed for mx5?


@iskomx5 They would have a hard time to bring Yun OS around the world, like in China it’s a great deal. But they will lose every single International buyer, with this move. Like why pay at least a couple hundreds $ or €, just to get a device with Yun OS, that’s not usable outside of China.

I would be very surprised if they will replace Android, completely.

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