MX5 Split screen mode on Flyme

Hello guys does anyone know how the split screen mode woks on mx5 running flyme 5?If it is like Samsung’s split screen mode than i guess its pretty cool feature since the 5.5 inch screen is plenty for something like than and a welcome addition.I can’t seem to find it or any info online apart from the changelog so any help would be nice.

Split-screen mode: Multi-screen mode to create a list of tasks while using two applications, you can adjust the window proportions (only part of the application).

So i found what this split screen feature is all about.For anyone who hasn’t noticed yet there are 4 apps that support this feature.File Explorer,News,Smart Voice and Videos.Once you open one of those apps and try to multitask on the right side of the window you will find the word ‘‘multi’’ .S51104-122206.jpg
Touching it will reduce the app on the top half of the screen and let you choose the other supported split-screen apps.S51104-122214.jpg I don’t get why only those apps are supported and not at least all meizu apps if not all. It just doesn’t make any sense.Anyways selecting videos for example opens it and let you have both apps on screen.You can also adjust the size of each app.S51104-122242.jpg I hope all apps get supported because it’s such a waste having a feature like that supported by the the rom and not using it the ways it is supposed to. At least for me it is a very important feature.

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i have the same question!someone who knows how works the split screen mode on flyme 5.0 android 5.1 on meizu mx5??


@soltsiolis Thanks for sharing your knowledge :) :+1:

And yeah, those thing should be possible for every app.

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@alexbitos Thanx mate for sharing this!i agree with you for the supported apps!Please put all apps to multi screen!!!

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