[HELP] Snapchat photo distord

Hello guys, i’ve got a big problem with Snapchat, when i take a picture the result is my photo is distord only after taken the picture.
I’m not alone with this problem.
The problem come after the update 9.7 of Snapchat.
Help us guys <3
Thanks you !


Flyme 4.5.6A, and i have already test a cache clear.


Well a temporary workaround would be downgrading Snapchat to its previous version.

I want, but i cant use Snapchat 9.7, the app say my app version is too old so it wont connect :/


Well, according to you others encounter the same issue, therefore I would suspect it is simply app related and out of our/Meizu’s reach.

However, I advice you to report the bug to Snapchat themselves:

Well, i send a message, hope in the futur update that will be good :/

i have the same problem on my mx5 very annoying.

Meizu MX4

@Gaurav-Maherchandai No … this bug is here from too much time :(

It’s not related to Meizu, many other brands are affected and there is many ways to fix it !
One on the easiest way is to install Xposed, the module Dimens Editor and set navigation bar height to 0 :)

could you please tell me the other ways also ? p.s. also the link to xposed coz i m getting confused… thanks :)

Other ways are much more complicated, you’ll need to decompile framework-res.apk then change values recompile it and change it, high risk of bootloop :/

@furious.builder i did as you said but still having the same problem even after reboot ;/

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