Sandisk OTG 3.0 (Dual USB) on 4.5.6I

Hi Guys! This forum has been helping me for months now. :)

Quick Question! Does MX4 support OTG? Whenever I plug my Sandisk 3.0 to MX4. it doesn’t recognize it. I read a similar issue on the MX5 board and they mentioned that charging it to 100% will solve the issue, THIS however, does not work with me. Can anyone help me here?

Btw, after a year of MX4 usage, I am still inlove with it. :)

Meizu MX4

Hi ! Yes the MX4 support OTG. What is the partition’s format of your USB stick ? Mine is in NTFS, FAT32 also work. Like you I use the firmware 4.5.6I.

Thanks, Robin. I think I have it at default, exFAT. Will try to reformat the USB and will let you know if it’ll work. :)

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