MX4 Pro Kitkat -> Lollipop

Hello,i just got my first Meizu phone from aliexpress today. (yea the firmware is A). I would like to know how can i upgrade the Android version from 4.4.4 to Lollipop? Could not find any check for update button in the settings.


@Erik-Zsurzsán Hello, welcome to the forum.

You just have to look here:

Some of the shops at aliexpress sell broken phones! Be careful, where did you buy it? And is everything alright with your phone?

Thank you! :D
To be honest i dont know if everything is ok. What kind of problems could appear? It looks like a brand new one (or reconditioned one). The box was sealed. But the phone had keyboard for my country, which is impossible for a new phone i think. And the home button is moving a little a bit, dont know if it has to be like that.

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@Erik-Zsurzsán the home button is always a bit “noisy” that’s normal, as long it is working everything is fine. Please post the link to the store or the name.

The worst that could happen to you that I know of is this:

It is working.Mod-Edit! Don’t post your IMEI and S/N on the internet
I do not remember the sellers name, because my friend ordered it (he does not have to pay VAT taxes). 290$ was the price (32gb gray). In my country there is only 16gb one for 500$.

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@Erik-Zsurzsán Okay that’s a fair price :) Hope it’s fine, be aware if anything happends with the phone.

Aliexpress is good and bad equally, some sellers are super good and cheap and others are scam :(, it’s always hard to know.

Yes i know. We ordered it from someone with good feedback score (topseller). Thanks for your help :D
One more little question: how to put that update on the phone?


@Erik-Zsurzsán There is a tutorial in the F.A.Q section, have a look in my signature.

Important is that you clear all data, when you switch between android versions.

Basically it is just copy the to the root directory (on your phone, but outside of a folder), either turn off your phone and enter the recover mode by holding VOLUME-UP and POWER,
or open the File-Explorer and tap on the

Thank you very much! :D I hope I will like the phone.

Umm, i upgraded. Now my SN is unknown and the IMEI is different. Is that normal?


@Erik-Zsurzsán No!!!

That’s what I was afraid off.

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I had a working IMEI, i have picture of it, is there any way to edit my IMEI ?


@Erik-Zsurzsán I don’t know of any, but I never had the problem or a phone with this problem.
I don’t know enough about modding to tell you how to restore the IMEI, specially not of a Samsung SoC.

try your luck at this forum:, I am not sure if they can help but maybe.

If you can, try to raise a dispute and get all the money back from the seller.

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Thanks. :)
i found this. I hope it will work. I will start my hacking career at 3 am …

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