Meizu Metal

In Meizu Chinese site there is a new model,the Meizu Metal , it looks that is something between the M2 note and the MX5 , anyoneknowssomething about it ?


Hello, it was announced a couple of days ago.

The specs are known, it’s a Yun OS based phone, with a finger print sensor and a down clocked Helio X10, it only has 2Ghz instead of the 2.2Ghz like the MX5 has (GPU is slower too).

Right now the phone is in presale: charm metal
check out the link if you are interested in it, but be aware that it’s not available as of now! Most Chinese Shops, or all of them lie about their stock times, don’t trust them.

I am a bit annoyed, more than usually at Meizu for releasing this phone! My MX5 is sold in China for like 300$ and this thing ships for about 200$, the only difference (not counting Yun OS) is the better camera and better display of the MX5! That’s nothing, for a price difference of 100$. :rage: :cry: :scream:

Here are the specs (translation of the official page) meilanmetal-specs

And here is a picture:

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it´s almost an MX5 with almost the price of the M2 note… and can use sd cards up to 128GB :smile:

i do go change my phone now, i buy the M2 note only 2 moths ago…


@Fernando-Garcia yes it is :)

The only downside of it might be the Yun OS.

Meizu can put android in the international version , the question is they want to that ? this phone come for the internatiol market ?

i try to find information in english, about Yun OS but i do not find nothing…

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@Fernando-Garcia YunOS is very targeted to China only, from what I have got to know and read about it. Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work here but who knows after all. The price is an obvious sign of Meizu having the deal with the authorities of YunOS (Aliyun / Alibaba).

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