Ota Update FlymeOs 5 Beta

Ho guys, finally i found it a forum for my Mx5.

I have only one little problemi (sorry for my english). 2 last week i installed flymeos 5 beta on my Mx5. All OK, he work very good. But last week, team meizu released an Update for this beta, number Via Upgrade app after one week,the update nom it steel reported, saying that I have the latest version dipsponibile. why? It may be the fact that I have the root on the phone? he thought it a bit strange that after a week, I have not received anything

Well, sometimes OTA does work, sometimes it does not for some reason. Nobody knows exactly what they are thinking at Meizu headquarters. Root or no root, it does not really make sense.

BTW, why don’t you move to the 5.0 stable version?

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because let’s say you hate having to do a backup and restore it again: Or at least, there are no alternative methods to bring up the ota? otherwise exhaust the complete package and installed it: /


@teosky95 said:

It may be the fact that I have the root on the phone?

Yes. Rooted Meizu devices do not receive OTA updates. To receive them again simply reflash the firmware without clearing data. However, it might happen that - as Kokkie said - that OTA’s simply do not work.

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