New rumours MX6?

Are there any new rumours of MX6?

Google search reveals only a couple of them.

Any inside info?

its kinda early for MX6 tho :)


All I heard is that there were Antutu benchmark results, one for the Samsung SoC and one for the Helio X20.
The Samsung SoC turned out to be the Pro 5, and the Helio X20 is yet unknown.

Maybe it’s a MX6 or a ME5, who knows. Probably Meizu will give a statement by the end of the year, when the first Helio X20 phones will be announced. But I am just guessing, though it would make sense if the replace the MX5 before it’s one year old, right now Meizu is found of doing so.

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I would love the same dimension as MX5. Perfect size. A couple of mm thin would be great.

Happy with FHD
More RAM? Maybe.


@dinku76 I hope actually hope that Meizu will finally bring some innovation, instead of the same ARM crap, just like 100% of all other competitors.

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