M2 Note Camera Slow to focus, no stabilization??

Hi, I just got my Meizu M2 Note from Gearbest, it’s the Chinese version, and it works perfectly, except the camera. I think it’s quite slow to focus, in daylight it gets a little better, but in low light it’s terrible. All the pictures get blurry. Doesn’t it have image stabilization (software)??? I had a Moto G 2, and it was fantastic fast to take pictures, from the car specially, most of the pictures were very good. But the Meizu M2 Note, is slow and the pictures are always blurry with the minimum of shake, I can’t be a statue all the time. **Is there any other better camera app?? Can I install the Motorola camera app on my Meizu?? **Thanks from Brazil.


It depends, if the Motorola app uses the Motorola framework, then not.

How about upgrading to the latest firmware though?
Maybe our FAQ section can help you:

look. how the pictures get, you can’t read the letters properly. i didn’t shake! :disappointed:


Well, but on which firmware are you?
It could be that newer ones fixed your issue.

I think it’s the latest, it’s Flyme OS 4.5.4A. Is it the latest? BTW when the picture gets right, it is amazing, a lot better definition than my old Moto G 8mp cam.

@AOKP I just installed and it works better, I think it’s the best it can get. But I hope I’m wrong. look:

I actually think that the stock camera app focus much more quicker than the google camera app. I have both installed and prefer the stock app. It does not quick focus like my LG G4 for example but I reckon it’s quick enough and the quality of the pictures is very good.

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