Flyme OS stable (Pro 5)


  • Optimization: improve system stability, fixes compatibility issues with some third-party applications.
  • Optimization: Optimization algorithm Hi-Fi.
  • Optimization: enhance SD card compatibility, solve does not recognize some special SD card issue.
  • Fix: solve the problem can not be successful in identifying the voice wake custom statement.
  • FIX: Problems can not be set dynamically wallpaper.


  • Optimization: upgrade the baseband stability, repair SIM card is lost even now questions.
  • Optimization: improve call quality, call sound fuller.
  • Fix: When switching card 2 main card, the card 2 can not register a network problem.

Find the phone

  • Screen lock: New Clear Screen lock function.


  • Fix: After closing the position, weather widget and cities do not follow switching problem.


  • FIX: After you install the Merchants Bank client, you can not enter the flash card interface through open questions.

Security center

  • Fix: After exiting leisure traffic, traffic widget today have been used will include leisure traffic problems have been with the data.


  • FIX: After receiving the invitation and click on calendar status, status message will be issued two issues.


  • FIX: After entering the default interface type wallpaper display disorder problems.



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ANy information when “I” firmware might be released?


@boober78 The International Phone isn’t out, and there is no information when it will be. (as long there is no international phone, there is no international firmware :D )

My guess is that it wont come this year. But well I don’t know.

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Any information when it will take the Flyme OS 5?

@Ultrametric The international version of the phone is not out, neither their international store. I don’t know if there’s any point in buying Meizu phones anymore outside China. Anybody has the device already? How about a review here?


@boober78 it’s on pre sale dated: 15.Dez 2015. soon they will be out.

Meizu Pro 5

@boober78 I have been following the market’s technology news since summer. As I needed to change my “old phone” I was researching, analyzing and increasing an “excel sheet” to go making comparisons. Researched sites like “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “” and others. Quickly I came to the conclusion that little “bombastic” specifications that was looking for was already out of date, the Sony Xperia Z3compact (32bits, Adreno330,problems with software (4G) and others. I began to think of the Sony Xperia Z5 compact replacement but as soon as I took in my hand a Huawei P8, I realized that maybe should not be afraid of the screen size of most new “bombs”. Looking for a phone with a good camera and so even thought the Huawei Honor 7 but the graphics card is so weak… Since I’ve seen ads, reviews and previews in magazines and sites about the Meizu Pro 5 was so if the gods had me pointing to my future cellphone. The Meizu Pro 5 is almost everything I look for in a mobile phone. With it’s size, a person can adapt it. I buy it in the first site that was avaiable - (very fast delivery DHL Express service 2days) - and for now i’m very happy with it, even with the weaknesses… For now, the only weak point is the sound during calls - is slightly shrill- but I read somewhere that the new firmware or a new update for Flyme 5 must solve in part. Besides that: fabulous screen and excelent photos without being the best on the market, even in power save mode the capacity Exynos 7420 shames many others (AnTuTu benchmark about ~63,000 and the performance mode to go to ~76,000), 2G / 3G / 4G and WiFi working well and fast, etc… I can say that “iPhone is for ios, such as Meizu Pro 5 is for Android (Flyme Os)” No need to fear Chinese versions arise because when the international version is already out of date … coming new 10-core processors, etc … Today i would have just waited for version 4gb / 64gb.

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@smarq Doesn’t matter if it’s old or not.

If you can get hands on a Pro 5 from China get it, but the re-sellers sell it at the same price as you can get the International Version from Italy!

It’s about 470€ for the 32GB Pro 5 bought from a re-seller and about 470€ for the 32GB Pro 5 in pre-sale at, so the international version.

And when you ship it from China via DHL, you have to pay the shipping and taxes, so you go far up above 500€ for a device that is sold in China for 400€, while you could buy the 64GB Pro 5 for 520€ in Europe.

All in all it’s not worth to get this phone outside of China right now, give it some weeks/months and it will be a better bargain.

And to talk about being “old”, you can not use the power of the SoC, it makes no difference for daily use if you have a SoC with an Antutu score of 70k or 50k! This has no importance for daily usage. Every SoC that gets a solit performance close to 50k Antutu, will be a great SoC for the next year to come.

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@smarq Thanks for sharing the thoughts. I was wondering what screen on time are you getting with the phone as it was suppose to be a beast in terms of battery life…

@Ultrametric i didn’t see meizu pro 5 in neither version on any reseller stores in Europe. Could you do me a favor and share a link? Thanks a million.


@boober78 don’t double post! You can tag people by writing @name

I already did! :P
Or in detail:

And for resellers look at kimovil, aliexpress and some more claim to have it in stock. pro 5

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@smarq after the 15 December you can get it from Meizu Italy for 470 including the shipping.
It’s so not worth to pay so much for the Chinese model.

In general honorbuy is way too expensive, back then when I got the MX5, honorbuy sold it for the same price as the International Version of the MX5 would have cost. The support of all Chinese re-sellers, including honorbuy, sucks! They only help you as long you give em money for it, so it’s a bad bargain.

If you get a Chinese Pro 5, for let’s say 400€ get it, it’s a bargain right now.

But if you are close to 470€, get the International phone from Italy, it has support and warranty. If something breaks on the expensive device you don’t have to fix it yourself.

Edit: honorbuy takes ~25€ for shipping, it’s such a bad deal! It sums up to ~500€, that’s more expensive as the International one.

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@smarq Thanks mate. What about the battery life , can you share some thoughts?
@Ultrametric sorry about the duplicate. Regarding the pro5 from italian website, official one. I believe it still doesn’t have international version of the software, right?

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@boober78 It will have the international firmware, they can’t ship it with Chinese. It may not be online, but they will ship it with the International firmware. It’s only in pre-sale, it wont ship before mid of December, what’s is close.

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