Today my phone automatically downloaded the above version and I have installed it.
So far so good

Its android 5.1

All the layout has changed.

The settings menu is a more familiar stock android experience.


@dinku76 welcome to Flyme OS 5, it is out since today.

yes indeed.

very excited

Flyme 5.0 has problems with the German language. It is only half translated :rage: WTF


@rammsteinmeik I don’t have the german language at all :D I switched from Flyme 5 beta to this version and only have Chinese (simple) and English.


@rammsteinmeik click on langauges please and post a screenshot of it :)

Mine looks like this: flyme_5_languages.jpg

And how did you upgrade, did you clear the data, it could be that you have some left overs from Flyme OS 4.5.

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I just got an update message and then I automatically updated

:rage: No more german language … :rage:

@AOKP And now…?? Must I sell this thing ??


@rammsteinmeik you can wait for an international release of this firmware and then unlock your device.
To use your apps in german though use MoreLocale2.

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I really don’t get it, why is so important for people to have system in their mother language. Only for have settings in mother language? Otherwise all other applications from Google support every single language.

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