Bricked Meizu Mx4 while unlocking bootloader

Hello everyone!
I write you as the last chance to recover my phone. Recently I tried to open my Meizu Mx4’s bootloader. Then sh*t just happened and it went into brick. It stuck in the bootloader and only thing that the display shows when I turn the phone is Meizu logo. I managed to install clockworkmod (chinese cofface) while unlocking its bootloader, but this doesn’t really help. Is there any chance to make it work again? I can access to clockworkmod menu and fastboot but unfortunately my pc does not recognize the device. Thanks for your help in advance.


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So if you can go to CWM why don’t you install CM now ? :)

Because I couldn’t put CM into the phone as it was not recognized by my PC. Anyways I fixed it and planning to install cyanogenmod soon.

It could be great to say how you fixed it for guys who have the same problem as you ;)

Well, i don’t think you are without chances. The fastboot text at the end of the screen shows that fastboot is normally working. Just when with fastboot at the end of the screen, connect your phone to the pc. Install these adb/fastboot drivers

Than download patched-recovery from here

flash it with fastboot mode, in cmd prompt write: fastboot flash recovery <filename.img>

reboot the phone by holding vol+up + home. Now you shall be to the meizu recovery screen. Connect your phone to the PC, a new storage drive will appear connected. This is the recovery storage. Prepare the patched from the official, by following this manual.

The new patched containing the patched uboot.img, copy it to the recovery drive, and update from it. Also pls delete the This will make sure that when flashing the new the stock unpatched recovery will not be flashed.

**CREDITS to @gdeliana **

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