MX5 Rotation broken

After installing the first update of meizu’s flymeos the Rotation feature of my phone die no longer work.
I am now running flymeos and it was still not fixed.
Is there a fix or do other people habe this Problem?
I tryed resetting my phone but it didn’t work.
I die not let my phone Fall and going back is not an Option since the first update finally allowed me to use 3g and 4g Internet in my phone.


@Sangpur did you verify that your sensors are working? You might want to do this, just get an Application to do so, e.g. Sensor Box.

I found out where the Problem is but not how to fix it…
Basically all my Sensors work but my accelerometer is the wrong way around. If i hold my menu button up i can use it normally.
How do i calibrate it?

I fixed it!!! I found a calibration setting in the developers optional and it works again!

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