Can't log into Flyme Account

What do you want? A translation? You could ask a question :P

If you bought a new phone, this just means your phone isn’t new!
Contact the person you bought the phone from, and tell them to take the phone back or disconnect it from their flyme account.

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@Mihai-Aqua Nope it is not!

Someone already logged into the phone, assuming the flyme account displayed isn’t yours.

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I I bought new in the store. I error occurs when the account bag


@Mihai-Aqua Okay, please listen and do what ever you want with the information.

Someone has logged into your phone, there is no way to remove the linked account for you. You have to contact the person, who owns the Flyme-Account and make him log off.

This is it, I personally don’t care if your phone is old or new, this is simply it. Someone is logged in and you can not change it. This account is bound to the phone until it is logged off.

If you stole the phone, the person can track down the phone and find you.

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I also advice you to consult the shop again.
Otherwise you can email and send them an invoice of your device. They usually unbind the phone then.

I found one that made the phone account and gave me the password. thanks

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