Battery drain

I have a huge drain with beta…40 % nightly even in sleep mode !!!
I’d like to know what app (s) consume the battery ?
With what app it’s possible to know that ?


@zorax Hello :)

For your purpose the stock “Power Management” is good enough.
Head to Settings -> Power Management -> Power Rankings.

and if I see an guilty app , it’s possible to correct it ?


@zorax there are ceartains apps to do this, the first one that comes to my mind is greenify, but I have no experience with it.

Provide more information and maybe a screenshot of the app stealing your power, could be that it’s a system app.

What greenify would do is hibernate (make it sleep) and well that may not work out to your favor if it’s a system app.

It seems it’s Android OS the guilty ( no Android system) with 44 % consumption !
The problem is I don’t know how to correct it.
I’d like to use greenify but in mode plane the consumption is huge too…


Just apply the latest update again and clear all data before you do it.

This might work. I have no trouble with my MX5, the battery is as bad as it is on ever phone that runs Flyme OS.

Thanks but if I have to clear my data it’s not cool…
Very disappointed about flyme and meizu support


@zorax Okay.

If you don’t like the provided answer, you still can give a very detailed description of your problem. That describes it super good, but if you aren’t able to do better, there is no other way but the default answer. And this is reflash firmware and clear all data.

I will answer if you are able to describe your problem in detail and show screenshots and charts of what trains your power, until then, this is it.

Edit. Uh and I am not the Meizu or Flyme support. I don’t know what you mean with this sentence, but the flyme and Meizu support you find here:

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I apologize if I offended you because I know that you want help me
no need screenshots about this issue : at 10:00 pm the battery is 100 % and at 8:00 am it’s 60 % with airplane mode
Power ranking indicates Android OS 40 % …it’s all…I suppose a Flyme problem
Thanks for your help.


@zorax You don’t have to apologize there is no need to. It’s the downside of reading loads of complaints of people, but rarely a proper description of the problem, sometimes this gets a bit annoying.

I have like 10% with Wifi active, what I assume is good for Flyme, as that stupid Phone Standby eats up a lot.

Did you just update to Flyme 5, or did you change the battery, is your phone rotoed, did you do stuff with it? Also how did you go from Flyme 4.5 to Flyme 5, did you clear the data?
Provide a screenshot of your power consumption please and include the Android use details for your Android OS.

Show me yours please.

That’s from my MX5 running beta
S51024-151713.jpg S51024-151709.jpg

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Thanks again for your help:
My phone is rooted
Two weeks ago I set the beta as said in first post
and the first days the drain was correct …only 3-4 % nightly
Since 3 nights the consumption is huge …very curious bcz I didn’t installed new applications…nothing
I deleted Facebook appli to see and set plane mode…without change
I’ll send screenshots tomorrow after the night

I join the screenshots


There we have it, it’s always awake. Your phone never goes to standby.

Your phone never sleeps, what ever manipulation or power profile/ power mode you selected turn it back to normal. Or just clear all data and re-flash the firmware, that will do it.

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