Meizu MX5 Play Store Problem


Just bought my Meizu MX5 from China and i can’t get Google Playstore to work…I can’t download any app at all…
I installed from the AppCenter Google Installer 2.0.2, it intalled all the google apps and then nothing…
I did a factory reset on the phone and nothing again…I can only install apps fron the Appcenter…
I have FlyMe intalled…Can anyone help?


@Prestige hello!

Before posting it would have been nice if you tried to find our FAQ! ;) Maybe your answer awaits you there, try your luck.

What error message do you get?

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Checked all FAQ…Message is error code something…I’ll try to download the latest Playstore .apk because the one from google installer is surely not working.


@Prestige I wonder what you did wrong, you don’t have to install the apk yourself, usually.

Try to flash the update again and clear all data! Then just install it from the app-center. Do not root your phone or do anything else before, install playstore through the app-center right away.

Right now I am on Flyme 5, the last Flyme 4.5 I used was and up to that point I never had a problem with the play store.

uh … and error code "something’ is not useful, find out what the proper real error message it, or there is no help for you.

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I had same problem with, but it has downloded and refresh to With this, it’s work. No problem anymore installing apps from Play Store.

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