Flyme 5 Music App - A little review

Meizu has shared a few Flyme 5 apps for non-flyme (5) users.
Therefore I got onto my MX3 and downloaded the new Music app.

Only the icon has remained like it is, but definitely not the UI.


It seems to be very MIUI/iOS inspired, giving it a clean and sorted look.
What came directly to my attention was the improved transculent status bar. It might be discussable, but it looks like Meizu is trying its own implementation of Material design.

Here a few more screenshots:

Some might wonder what this “radar” icon is useful for. As I understood it right it is searching for similar songs in your playlist.

My personal opinion is that Meizu is going a right way with its new Flyme UI, however the only concern I have is the rather bad optimization of Flyme. Even though this app is still beta it performed quite well on a MX3 with Flyme 3. However engineers and developers proved several times to be able to ruin their own work. Hopefully this won’t be the case and we will be able to use a properly working Flyme 5.

Music App
Gallery App
Calculator App
Memo App
Document App
Painter App
Camera App

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Meizu m2 note

Thanks very much for the downloads. They are awesome. I installed them on my MX4 Pro with 4.5.6A Stable and all are working nice.

That’s really great ! thanks for sharing
Most works very well, With music i have some Album covers not showing in list view. But the Camera App is really messed up, no slow motion, can’t turn on flash because of HDR always on, filters not working, but that’s okay, it’s a beta…

Hello, i have a problem with the Documents(File explorer) applicaiton.

I can’t access the Vault folder, do you know how i can go back to the previous version of app?

@avadon Enter the app information related to the Documents app, instead of the uninstall button you’ll find uninstall updates. Press it

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There is no new sms app from Flyme 5 ?


@Tsukuyomi I think there is, but I used Flyme 5 for so long now, that I don’t remember how it looks in Flyme 4.

Can you post more flyme 5 apps like launcher and I’m on latest 4.5.6i m1 note and music player exits to home screen when I try to go to now playing screen


@Vishal-Yadav said:

Can you post more flyme 5 apps like launcher and I’m on latest 4.5.6i m1 note and music player exits to home screen when I try to go to now playing screen

I am not sure if that would work, because it might require the new framework.

Well I can see that with the new music player not working fully but would love to test others too n can you give us the screen shots of flyme 5 camera manual mode what are the options available is manual focus there cannot find it on my m1 note with flyme 5 camera

S51030-191651.jpg S51030-191536.jpg
i’m experiencing a bug on the new flyme music app. It kept on renaming some of the song. Am i the only one experiencing this?

Meizu MX4

I found some bugs in some of the apps. I’ve a MX4 with firmware.

  1. Using documents app and trying to move some file it doesn’t move anything.
  2. I tried to add some music to a playlist and after few minutes the playlist was empty.
  3. I installed the new camera app but after few minutes it turns back the old camera app.

I don’t know if I’m the only one to have these problems.

m1 note

awesome on my 4.5.7 M1 note.

I got a music 5.0.2 update on 4.5.6A so I skipped that

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