Drop in Battery Level (from 20% to 1%)

Recently I bought a Meizu M2 mini and from the first day I have a small problem with the battery. When the battery reaches 20% suddenly within a minute drops to 1%.I received the phone with version and upgrate to version to solve the problem but nothing.I try the version but the problem exists.Also I try to calibrate the battery but nothing.I contact with the store which I bought ot and told me to flash 4.5.3A version.I install 4.5.3A and ididn’t see difference…Can you help me ???

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@soupis This is weird, where did you buy the phone from? And what apps do you have running in background?
How many charge cycles, did you give the battery to calibrate itself?

In theory it doesn’t matter if your phone drops from 20% to 1%… as it should never go below 20% and never above 80%. This is to keep your battery happy and running for as long as possible.

Btw. that your battery drops from 20% to 1% means, a drastic drop in voltage, would you be able to monitor your battery and post screenshots of it, please.

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Do you mean to install an app which shows monitor of battery and voltage ??if yes can you suggest me an good app to install and after upload screenshots from my battery ??


Just try any doesn’t matter. Take the first you find, or try GSAM (free version). (Don’t root it, if you don’t want to, just for this sake the normal version is good enough.)

The voltage of your battery, before and after it drops are interesting aswell as a chart if you can get that.

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Ok.I know this app.I install it and i return in a few days to upload the screenshots

first observation yesterday.When the battery is on 21% the voltage was 3.61V and when goes to 19% and start drops to 1% the voltage from 19% to 1% was
19% was 3.43V
18% was 3.37V
17% was 3.36V
16% was 3.36V
15% was 3.35V
14% was 3.35V
13% was 3.34V
12% was 3.34V
11% was 3.34V
10% was 3.33V

These measured values had time and got up to 10% because then fell through to 5% and then to 1% and closed

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@soupis Hey :)

This looks good, a full battery is about 4.2V and a really empty one is at 3.2V (but it should never go down that far).
So left now is just what trains your battery :) and how fast does it do it. The provided values are fine.

I upload the photos.Please check the time on the top lleft to understand how much time their drop.

S51024-002806.jpg S51024-002004.jpg S51024-001947.jpg S51024-001939.jpg S51024-001928.jpg S51024-001918.jpg S51024-001909.jpg S51024-001850.jpg S51024-001828.jpg S51024-001813.jpg S51024-001509.jpg S51024-000433.jpg


that’s great, but what I wanted to see is this one :D try to find this page in GSam Battery Monitor please and post it.

It would be great if you can get your phone empty (that means down to 10% - 20%, not completely empty) and then recharge it to 90% … and let it go down to 10% again.



@soupis oh yes! there is the rapid drop just as you described. From 20% it goes straight down :(

Interesting is that the temperature of the battery goes up, are you doing something with your phone from 20% on? Like the temperature of the battery speeds up like nothing.

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Yes i used my phone this time to reach the level 20% to take screenshot but last days when i’m not use the phone when the reach a this percent the goes down quickly

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@soupis okay,

I thought it would jump faster but it doesn’t look so bad.

The only thing to say from the picture is that you have 28% app usage. Watch if for some days and post another chart (charging the phone and going down to 10%) and include the App usage please.

I am not sure if there is help, but let’s try and figure it out :)

ok i upload a chart tomorrow and app usage

Hi i download and other app to calibrate the battery and i saw small improvement.I saw when i charge my battery ame times stops 99% and oter timw 100%

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