OTA updates for rooted phone


When I root my mx 5 (just to remove news, game center and other crap apps) do I still receive updates?
I’m running the flyme 5 beta.


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@aropop I don’t know, as I see no reason to root my phone, but would expect so.

Just try it, you can un-root your phone by applying a full update anyway.

@aropop I have rooted m2 note and still I receive OTA updates for my phone. After updating the phone, it goes back to un-rooted condition but I can easily root it again by entering my flyme account. I’m not so sure about mx5 but I think it should be the same as mine.

How sure are you of this? I am tempted to root my MX5 running however, I have avoided it as rooting usually stops OTA updates from installing properly as I have witnessed with my Galaxy S3. Can anyone else confirm that OTA updates will still work after rooting?

Meizu MX4 Pro

I rooted my phone some month ago and today I recieved a push message that flyme 4.5.7 is availible -> for me I get ota updates normally

@mx4pro Yes but does it update and install fine? I know you can receive OTA notifications but will it work when installing the update is what im trying to find out.

@hawx2012 I also wondered after I successfully updated my m2 note without having any error even though my phone is rooted. Once I thought that installing OTA updates on any rooted phone is impossible as I tried out and failed on my galaxy s5 and xperia z2. But this time, this is just unbelievable!! I wish Meizu to roll-out a new version (now is 4.5.4U), then I can make it sure and share to all of you. :)

Meizu MX4 Pro

II successfully have upgraded from 4.5.6 to flyme 4.5.7 but the root access is gone, I had to re-root again… but everything works like before


@mx4pro what notifications did you perform with root?

Depending of what you did with your phone, upgrading a rooting phone, without clearing data could mess it up. As system settings could be not as it’s supposed to be. But this depends very much of what you did with your rooted phone.

@Alexkyaw Yes, I tried installing OTA update after I rooted my S3 but it would stop half way into the installation and reboot. So I thought the Meizu MX5 would be the same but it seems like it still updates OTA even after root has been applied according to you and @mx4pro.

@Ultrametric I would root my phone for applications purposes, I would not edit any system files or any of that sort as I know it can cause permanent system damage to the OS.


@hawx2012 No, you can mess around with system files it will not cause permanent damage. As long you don’t start to flash custom roms or try to flash fastboot things, you are fine.

And all you did is reversible by re-flashing the firmware with clearing data. This will un-root your phone and get rid of all previous system settings.

@Ultrametric But you can un-root by doing an OTA update as well correct?


@hawx2012 I guess so, but never tried it, so don’t know.
Someone else may answer your question.

@hawx2012 Yes, you can un-root by doing an OTA. ^^

Ill root my phone, let’s hope when the next OTA update is available I can upgrade without any problems. I’ll let you guys know if it worked.

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