The OS of my Meizu MX4 Pro is working by his own will

I have no idea what happened to my OS but it went crazy pressing buttons going to apps my it self and more problems like blocking the screen and so.
I did a factory reset and it was good for 2 days…i event cleaned the hole phone installed and apk for Play Store and after 2 days everything went bazzokas.

I am so close to smash it to the wall…I bought mine from and I don’t know what is about it but it just seams like a really bad phone…

I don’t know where to send it or how …payed almost 500 euro with shipment and customs and I regret it every day…

Any suggestion on how to fix it and quickly sell it …


@Andrei-Fagadar Trading Shenzhen advertises a “supreme service” did you talk to them? If they aren’t able or willing to help you, there is no point in paying extra.

What does factory reset mean to you? How did you perform the factory reset and what version of Flyme are you running?

If I were you I would try the latest version and clear all data and don’t install an apk for the playstore, but install it through the flyme appcenter

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I did the exact factory restore from settings,
Now I’ve installed the latest OS 4.5.6A
I have also an Antivirus to check if there is actually a virus …cause the normal default says everything is ok.
but still the screen goes black instantly and goes out of apps and so … I don’t think this is from play store …
I will also try to reinstall differently…I use My phone in Austria maybe there is a location problem I have no idea


@Andrei-Fagadar I am from Austria too, I didn’t have trouble with the MX4 Pro I had (not for too long) and neither with the MX5 now.

What do you mean with the apps close? You do have to allow them to run in the background, or flyme will stop every app after about 2 minutes. By default 3rd party apps aren’t allowed to run in the background.

Are your apps crashing, when you open them? And what apps do crash? If it’s a game you might have to install it from the Flyme App-Center.

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Is the flyme account on the phone yours?
It could also be a partial hardware problem with touchscreen reacting out of nowhere.
You should contact seller and ask for replacement or full refund and in that case you would be able to apply for the vat refund as well. If you paid by PayPal and seller doesn’t help you can open a dispute.

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