Downloadable manual?!

I bought my M2 note from gearbest but they failed to put a manual to it…searched the internet without
finding any manual…Is there really none available as an .pdf or sth.? Almost any other manufacturer offers these as a free download…:confused:

thanks alot!

p.s.: Of course I found the FAQ section in SYSTEM TOOLS but it doesn`t cover a lot of questions…

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@dubi your best shot is the chinese meizu page, but well there you might just end up with a Chinese pdf.

What is it precisely that you would like to know?

thanks, I sent them an email…
Do you know how to get rid of the chinese weather app? I managed to deinstall or at least stop most chinese apps but this is a system app
that can`t be deleted. I hope the daily weather info will just be displaced by another weather app that I install?


You can root your device though, for more infos check our F.A.Q..
But I advise against disabling the weather app as many users have reported that freezing or uninstalling it makes the clock stopping.

I just went into the weather app and disabled any notifications that the app sends. I think that is the best solution for now.


@cavedog yes it is :) rooting the phone and messing around with system apps isn’t a good solution.

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