How to enable word recognition (T9)?!

Hi, glad I found your forum. Am I missing sth.? I just can`t find where to enable word recognition when writing sms…?!

thanks in advance

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@dubi Hello,

You did not add your firmware Version or your Keyboard… so it’s hard to say.

Just install the google keyboard and configure it. I got a dictionary working without trouble on my MX5.

Ah, sorry…here it is:

Android 5.1
Flyme OS 4.5.2A

I didn`t change the preinstalled keyboard…so I guess I have to change it to the google keyboard to make it work?

thanks alot


@dubi I don’t know if it works with the default Flyme keyboard. As the first thing I did was install the google keyboard, where the dictionary and the word prediction works, for my phone.

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