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Hello guys,

Recently we had update for Music app on our Meizu. How do you like the new look and new features? Personaly I thing that the app is very better than before and had better look,design and options. I cant believe that Meizu did that :D .Share your thoughts.

Have a nice day :)
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Meizu MX4 Pro

how to get the update ? for me the music app looks normal and not like yours

I got it too, and I think it’s amazing !
But currently I have a bug that makes Artworks not showing in list view for some tracks but it shows normally when playing tracks, does this occurs to you ?

i just get it too,but now the DirectHD sound option is gone.Only the equalizer which for my taste is not as better as DirectHD SOUND which i had before with different options.Can i turn it back to the previous one in which was included this extra?

Meizu m2 note

@zoltek of course you can get back the previous version. Go to Settings --> Apps --> Music --> Unistall Updates.

It’s easy.

I LIKE THE UPDATE. much better than the previous one, more accurate, easier to use, well I love it. hahaha. The problem now, i update my firmware to Flyme OS 4.5.7 (bcs i got notification), after all update processes is done, I tried to open Music app and not working at all (force close). I tried to clear cache & clear data, but nothing happened. Then i decided to Uninstall Updates, and voila, it’s working.

My question, how do we know to get notification if they have an update? I’m happy bcs now it’s working even when I used previous version, but tbh I love the new one, that much better for everything.

@prphgmacc clear data of music app and you when you open the app you will get notification for update :)

i think it’s now amazing!

@Bunto90 heey, it’s working. hahahaha. thanks for that :d

Can anyone post the latest apk for music player

This music app didn’t use VIPER FX and that’s why i don’t want to use it.

I have pro 5 and i did uninstall the update now. I’m not getting the OTA again. Have sent an apk download request to customer service.

hi guys :D i have some question. so, when i explore some album from some singers, i found there are some songs on that album that not available. i mean, they appeared as gray, and we can’t click it (preview, check here: ). any explanation why? thanks :D

I found no Dirac HD sound function after upgrading to 5.0.2

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