Mx4 hard brick

Hi guys i did a mistake while trying to put the cyanogen rom on my device now its without bootloader when im pluging it to a computer its not recognize any solution?

I tried to burn new bootloader with sptool but because my computer not recognized the phone it not working tried with/out battery tried while pressing vol+ and power vol- and power but nothing

Well, as far as we know there is no cyanogen available for Meizu devices. There is even no custom rom available for Meizu devices at all. So if you can’t boot into recovery, as you can find in our FAQ, you are screwed. I am sorry to tell you that your device is completely useless and then you cannot do anything to solve it.

Thanks for answering .but that’s not correct i had the cyanogen from the posts here (xenon) work not bad on my device things happened when tried to go back to flyme. Should be an option with sptool but need professionals for help


@Avishai-Cohen dude the bootloader is locked!
SP tool will get you nowhere, this isn’t a normal China phone, it’s a freakin Meizu with a locked bootlaoder, that needs loopholes to install custom roms.

Most things you can do with a normal China Phone do not work for this brand. If you don’t like Flyme OS, don’t buy a Meizu :rage:

And by the way, if you want help provide detailed information of what you did, be super precise or no one will help you. (E.g. what recovery you have running, that would be a good start.)

Edit: I do assume you put a custom recovery on your phone and tried to flash a Flyme Firmware with it, if that’s so. Did you read the following link: XDA: [TUTORIAL] BOOTLOADER UNLOCKING FOR MX4/M1 Note ?
As you did not write what you did, I am guessing, and quote this from the like just provided.

You can flash custom recovery - and use it for your needs.
CARE!! DON’T try to flash stock meizu firmwares from any custom recovery, we have patched stock recovery for that.

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