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So I havent seen this problem posted here, I have this phone for a month already and I’ve been having this problem since 1st day. Im on the lastest firmaware.
The thing is that Wi-Fi comes and goes randomly even being next to the router. This has been reported by many on spanish forum, but I havent figured a way to fix it, and its very annoying specially because I use voip calls everyday and everyday i get cut in the middle of the conversations cause the Wi-Fi disconnects randomly.
I’m posting this here hoping somone knows how to fix this issue.


Well, there are several options and so fixes for this.

Lets first start with your device.

  • Did you ever tried to reinstall the firmware with clearing data?
  • Does this issue occurs on other networks as well?
  • Do you had similar problems with other devices in your network?

If yes, then I would look after you router. Quite often it is the case that the router itself is the issue.

Meizu m2

I dont have this problem with other devices.

By other networks you mean data connection? (4G in my case), I want to try as soon as i can.

Can I reinstall the firmaware without losing data and apps¿?


Meizu MX4 Pro

@Rodrigo-Peinado Meizu-recovery-clear-data-system-upgrade.jpg

yes you can, tick only the first (system upgrade) if that doesnt work you have to select the second one too (that will erease your data (exept that one on your SD card/storage))

I have the same problem( Im on the lastest firmaware too) Wi-Fi comes and goes randomly even being next to the router( same)…no problems with other devices …please help us/me to solve the problem!!!
ps never was able to look a you tube or similar video ,the connection crashes after a few seconds(my dsl connection is 32000 …more than enough)

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Meizu m2

I’ve upgraded to 4.5.4 I and I’m still having this problem :/

I have the same problem with my M2 Mini. At 1m away from the router i have 1 or max 2 lines of signal :(

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