Is this a Bluetooth Battery Status Icon?

Hi guys, I’m enjoying my M2 note for about a week or so and just have a curious question. I notice this battery icon when I connect my bluetooth headphones. Coming from relatively stock android, This is the first time seeing a battery Icon with my bluetooth.

Screenshot (08-51AM, Oct 20, 2015)_picmonkeyed.jpg

Is it a low battery indicator for my headphones? Is it a real battery indicator? Is it some sort of bluetooth low energy indicator?

Flyme 4.5.4A

Well, I answered my own question. The battery level reduced accordingly with usage of the headphones. Therefore is it a level indicator, which is a cool feature that seems uncommon in android handsets. Well, good job meizu.

I didn’t get this. What level indicator?


@boober78 It indicates the bluetooth headset’s battery level, from my understanding. Great find @Kyle-Hall , thanks for pointing this out! ;) Definitely great to see happy surprises from Meizu!

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