Mx4 pro should i buy it?

I’d like ti buy meizu mx4 pro this week. Is it a good device? has it bugs or other problems with last updates? Does it overheat? Thanks

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Meizu MX4 Pro

I have mine now for arround 3month and I like it :) I have no problems with overheating. the only problems I have are you cant unlock the bootloader and you also have to look if lte is availible in your country (for me lte works not (I live in germany))

all in all I think its a great phone (also the camera is a Highlight :) )


@angy hey, It would be nice to know why you want to buy it. It’s easier to give a special answer, knowing what you want to have.


Yeah, as Ultrametric said it depends a lot on what you expect from a smartphone - what do you use it for (gaming? business? surfing? photography? developing + geek stuff? just texts and calls?) etc. Also, the price which you would buy it for should be taken into consideration.

I would spend about 250 € and for me are important: a great big screen, smoothness in switching trought applications and in their use, web browsing

Meizu MX4 Pro

@angy just to mention it, a new mx4 pro costs a bit more than 250€

I’ll buy it imported from china

Meizu MX4 Pro

ah ok, mine costed me about 370€ :/


@angy 250€ is okay, try to get hands on a brand new phone. Some stores sell broken B-Ware (2nd hand phones, already used).

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