M2 Mini - Firmware and ROMS

Hi, i am looking at getting a Meizu M2 mini, but i don’t like or want FlymeOS, is there any roms for this device? I know there are roms for the Meizu M2 Note.


There is no other ROM than Flyme

Are you really sure that you can put e.g. plain Android (without Flyme) to m2 Note (bootloader is locked!)?!

This guy claims to have created a stock android rom for the M2: Mod-Edit removed the link, as it only bricks your phone!
Though It’s not clear to me it’s for the mini or the note, and I’m still looking for references on the xda-developers forum.

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@antoin That’s fake, I already saw one guy bricking his phone with this tutorial!!! Don’t touch it.

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Ok, Thanx, I allready thought so as the explanation on why the rom was split up in 3 parts was not convincing. I didn’t download untill I got som references on xda-developers.


@meizutits You are stuck with Flyme OS on Meizu devices.
If you don’t like Flyme OS, don’t buy a Meizu, it’s as simple as that.

@antoin someone must post it for fun, to see people brick their Meizu phones, it is always the same page only the devices differ. :( The sad thing is people don’t make a proper research before messing around with their phone and so some fall for it.


@Mengs None of those links are daily driver ready.

Or to say the same differently: "There is a significant lack of quality in Meizu custom Roms."
But thank you loads for sharing.

@Ultrametric maybe so… but for me, i feel it does the job (atleast for now) because i’m currently using cm12.1 on my m2 mini.

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