Flyme OS test firmware (MX5)


  • Fix: insert removable card display CMCC problem.
  • Fix: Under Traditional Chinese, the installation interface part of the text is not translated questions.
  • FIX: Level insensitive questions.

Lock screen

  • FIX: After opening a password lock screen, gesture wake problem can not decline to open notification bar.

Set up

  • Portable hotspot: portable hotspot When setting a password, the new “Display plaintext password” option.

Third-party applications

  • FIX: 12306 Railway application Problems can not connect the network can not be used.

Notification bar

  • Fix: Under Traditional Chinese, notification bar switch panel network mode and settings are not uniform issue.

System Upgrade

  • Fix: Now click on the “restart” will continue to download firmware, firmware double the size of the problem after the download is complete.
  • Optimization: Expand the “current version” Click Range.


  • Optimization: Reconstruction weather curve animation.

Download Manager

  • Fix: Click the New Task button, elastic frame animation Caton problem.
  • FIX: Switching sliding around “download / downloaded” when Caton problem.


  • FIX: login screen pops up and returned input method system problems can not be used.


  • Optimization: Optimization of WLAN hotspot settings screen visual display.
  • WPS connection problems disappear search for WPS setup interface after entering the Wi-Fi advanced settings: Repair.


  • Fix: search device, a paired Bluetooth name flashed the old name issue.


  • Fix: voice input even after the end of the current entry without identifying content issues.
  • FIX: Jiugongge keyboard, the slide can not be selected issues.


  • Fix: Long Weibo, the bottom of the letters the title is truncated problem.


  • Optimization: Update slow motion video preview size.
  • Fix: horizontal screen shot GIF will cause the camera crash.


  • Fix: In some cases the problem will pop up “Data Upgrade” page.
  • Fix: Now Playing screen, press the Home key to exit after re-entering, it automatically returns to the previous interface issues.

Security center

  • FIX: Unknown Number interception does not take effect after the switch is turned on.

Domestic services

  • Optimization: Support jump from the account center to the movie Home.
  • Optimization: Updates life style coupons coupon title.



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disappointing…camera needs more optimizing and the battery life is terrible,while performance is questionable at best in games.
:( meizu just unlock the bootloader and let me install cm D:


@SeaMoose The battery life is just as it always was, I noticed no change to previous FlymeOS versions.

we want to turkish language but never add turkish language in last beta roms and stable roms

I know normal for the beta roms but stable roms? only stable have turkish language flyme


@cihanyenal What are you trying to say?

If you want full language support it’s best if you stick to the International Version of the phone, or at least to the International Firmware.

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Change Log | Cameras
· Optimization: Update slow motion video preview size
· Fix: horizontal screen shot GIF will cause the camera crash

When will the stable version be out?Anyone knows?

This version contains the Slovak language? I then do the downgrade International?

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@jerry I think this beta has only chinese and english languages .On the International stable version will contain Slovak and other languages.


@Or-Avraham that’s right.
Here is a screenshot of the languages of Flyme 5 Beta:

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