Preffered sim calls/sms

Hello, I would like to know is there a possibility or a working app in which I could choose with which sim I should call/sens sms which number, since I have personal and work sims installed, and every time I make a call/write a sms I have to choose which sim card to use, which is quite annoying.

@Ignas-Vorobjevas I am wondering if you got the dual sim to work at all.
When I chose sim 1 for data, sim 2 get “no service” at the top of the screen, SMS is not coming through but calls are.
If I shift data to sim 2, sim 1 is (not) working the same way.

Try this, it worked with mine (5.1.2 G). Slot 1 - sim for phone calls/sms, sim 2 - data. In settings disable sim 1 and set default sim 2 for data(sim 2 stays enabled) , then enable sim 1, make any phone call and the device will ask to set default sim for phone calls - choose sim 1, the same with sms.

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