Downloading Problem

I recently bought a M2 Note and have a problem downloading apps from the playstore and the Internet. I tried a factory reset, which did not work. Wifi was certainly connected and I could browse the internet, so I tried to download showbox and modbro from their download sites, again this failed. I managed to install both modbro and showbox from apk files I had on a memory card and showbox downloads ok straight into the showbox folder. So it’s not a wifi or internet issue. When I go into download manager and select setting up pops a message saying “download service disabled”. I can’t find anywhere on my phone that would allow me to rectify this. Can someone help me? My phone is android 5.1 and flyme 4.5.3A. PS I am not very technical so keep replies basic please! Thanks.


Hey :)

What exactly is your error message?


When i try to download apps from google play store or direct from the internet i do not get any error message. Only when i open download manager and select settings I get the “downloading service disabled” message. See picture. Thanks.

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