Meizu mx5 international or Chinese?

Hello everyone,
I am about to buy a MX 5 but I have huge suspicions I have 2 offer for limited time and one of them from meizu fr website original international version 32 gb 399 eur and second one Chinese version 32 gb for 315 eur.(money is matter for me but also I do not want to be unsatisfied totally for 84 euro difference) What you would recommend me and why? if Chinese version is acceptable which Chinese version it must be a, u, c etc. I am currently living in Poland and also if i will be having any problem with LTE or 3G or sth.? and since otg is productive 16 GB version is also might be useful or not?

edit : if this is also international version ?

edit 2: Also where you can recommend me to buy the cheapest international version?

I´d say, when is for you important to have a full language support, take internatinal, when not buy chinese, I have chineseone 32 GB, everything runs great. I dont need to have 4G everywhere, so I´m very satisfied with this phone.


@bmx5 Hey :)

Amazon sells the real International Version that is right, but look out, only if it is “Sold and Shipped by Amazon” it’s the proper International Version. On the marketplace, you get an overpriced Chinese Version.

The difference between the Versions are simple, the Chinese Version has:

  • less languages, as you can not install the International firmware

  • no warranty and no support from Meizu outside of China

  • has a reasonable price

  • firmware is up to date.

So the only important downside of the Chinese is, if it breaks you are screwed, but therefor it has a reasonable price.

My personal suggestion is, before you get the Meizu MX5 32GB International Version for 399€, you may also consider the One Plus Two, the 4GB Ram and 64GB Version sells for 400€ and One Plus starts to sell it without invites.

Myself I have the MX5 32GB from Gearbest, got it from their “EU Warehouse”, what just means they ship it from China using oneworldexpress (Gearbest doesn’t have a “EU Warehouse”), but it ships super fast from China, within a week after you placed the order, and no to tax to pay.

Also be aware that Meizu is about to release a metal-frame Meizu M2 Note with the Helio X10, same SoC as the MX5 has.
Oppomart started to advertise it, the price isn’t real I doubt it will be that expensive, have a look at it.
Link: Meizu M2 Note Metal-Frame

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@Lukáš-Zeleník Thank you so much what band of LTE you using and from where u get the device which website and if it was including fast-charge EU plug?

@Ultrametric Thank you so much but actually even as I search it has a lot of bug I really seeing impressive the Flyme OS. OK it has billions of bugs but they are answering the customers needs by the time. Because of it One+2 is some more i don’t know … Not sympathetic. I am seeing from Gearbest you may take it for 320 Eur for 32 GB version if its including any EU plug original one with fast charge?
I currently have this website after small search and recommendation from friends they suggest me here:
they are saying it comes with EU plug and they have some nice discount. But when we take it to consider. What I should do ? And if there is any other website that u may recommend me for pay at door system ? Indeed I know I am asking strange questions but honestly I am pretty obsessive person if you may help to clearance me with several questions which may annoy you I will be so much happy and thankful . Thank you so much guys already .

edit: I am currently using for 3 years Nexus 4 and for 3 years that phone satisfied me pretty well that I am considering Meizu this time Good camera good battery life (I am getting 2-2.5 hour with billions of customization with my N4 so if I may reach 6 hours with the same customization it would be able to make me cry), finger print scanner, and also some processor which wont make me cry when I am playing the games without problem with N4, and also the view of phone is excellent indeed actually to be honest I would prefer MX4s IPS and screen ratio this was the first product which made me think on Meizu.

So Meizu Metal I will be waiting to tomorrow to get specs exactly but while there is no fingerprint sensor and 20.7 mpx camera It would be easier to consider MX4 than this. But of course first choice is MX5.

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I have purchased it for the same site wihich have you linked:
The old price was ca. 350 € and I waited for the item one month, while it was shipped from China. The price is just great for 32 GB and is in the stock, so you could have it in 3 days.
XFS have sent the EU plug reduction, and fast charge works amazing.
LTE: I use Orange in Slovakia, the frequencies are 2600 MHz in Cities (wroks great) and 800 MHz in villages (not supported by MX5, but 3G works fine)

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@bmx5 from most china stores you get only an adapter and not the EU charger, what is 100% crap! Don’t use the adapters shipped with your phone. Just get a good one e.g. from amazon, good quick charger cost about 10€, I didn’t actually unpack the Meizu one.

315€ with shipping and taxes is a good price, can’t complain about this.

About he battery life of every Meizu: Standby eats up a lot of battery, no matter what you do. It’s a bug or a feature of Flyme. You may be able to tweak your phone and improve it a bit, but in the end… it will run Flyme and the “Standby Phone” will steal the battery life. Anyway I have ~6 hours of on screen time, that’s a lot :) so the battery life is cool.

I run Flyme beta and this is how looks like:

Thank you all you guys for each of your suggestions and helps. According to my limited time and financial issues I just ordered my Meizu Mx5 from it will arrive to me next week i guess. I bought it for 1299 PLN more or less 305 Euro for 32 GB (A) version.

Only one question more i made a search on forum but i could not find answer for “if Meizu solved the problem about OTG power issue at flyme 5?”

Thank you so much again and again !

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