Optimizing Apps?

I switch the phone off over night.

This was already second morning in less than a month that phone did not boot right away but instead spent long time showing Meizu logo, then long time spinning Flyme icon, and then spending couple of additional minutes “Optimizing App x/105”, counting the apps one by one.
Finally it booted into Flyme.

Why it goes to optimize the apps, what exactly it means. I didn’t see stock Android devices to go optimizing the apps?

Btw, when I power on the phone I need it ASAP, I don’t have time to wait 5 minutes being afraid would it ever boot or not

Meizu MX5

Usually this only happens when you upgrade to a newer firmware.Its the same with stock Android. Maybe your phone downloaded the new file in the background and you didnt noticed that!

sometimes it happens also to me, and i don’t know why…

Nope, it has been a while since I upgraded to the latest, there is no newer update.zip to download.
First time it went Optimizing Apps several days upon upgrading (I have already restarted the phone many times in the meantime), and now a month upon the upgrade.


As mentioned above this should only happen when updating firmware. It happened to me as well once (MX3) after plugging my phone to charger after it had run out of battery - no idea why, but it seems like a disorder deep in the core of the system…
Anyway to find out whether it is an issue with soft- or hardware re-flash the latest stable firmware with clear data. If it still happens it’s most likely to be a hardware related issue - but after all who knows… :question: :grin:

Indicative. For me it was also upon completely running out of battery

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