M2 Note Lags too much...

I bought m2 note from amezone and after update of 4.5.4i my phone is lags a lot.even performance mode dosen’t effect. i don’t want to downgrad. any other kitkat or jb rom available for m2 note? or what to do??


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Wrong cathegory. This is for M2 (aka Mini), 5 inch.
For your M2 Note, 5.5 inch, please post under:

Thanks, thread moved.

As for the solution: Officially there are no alternatives for Flyme - and I’m afraid there will ever be. You can however put your own effort into looking if there is a custom ROM somewhere - which I wouldn’t believe either. :grin: :grinning: I suggest you simply re-install your current firmware and select Clear Data option. There are a lot of things that could go wrong and slow down the phone when and if Clear Data option is unchecked. Please let us know if it helps in any way.

will try soon thanks for help

I bought a meizu m2 note about 6 months ago. At the beginning everything was fine but 3 weeks after i bought it starts to lag. It has many problems.it is pushing buttons itself. The touch on home button its not working sometimes and i have to turn it off to fix. The settings sometimes disappears from app switcher. And the zoom in and zoom out sometimes is not working on the photos and on games. I tried system restore and 2 firmwares. Os 4.5.4 1I and 4.5.4 2I what i have to do? Please help me.(i am from greece so please try to not use complicated words so i understand what you say me) thanks

I had the same problem and have down loaded root booster from the play store
My phone no longer lags

I have a meizu m2 note. I bought it on December 2015 and i have a problem. The double touch is not working sometimes. I dont know how to fix it. I tried 3 firmwares. 4.5.4 1l, 4.5.4 2l and 5.1.8 0G and still lags! What i can do?

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