Strange logo at phone startup - MX5

instead of meizu logo, appears another one during the boot


Is this normal or my phone could be not authentic?

Meizu MX5

Hmm, looks like a fake Mx5. Check your IMEI online and post the result.


Where did you get the phone from? Of course there’s always the possibility of a non-original phone but I’d rather say (still, a wild guess) it’s running a firmware version specifically branded for some Chinese operator…

Can you please check in Settings -> About Phone which Flyme version does it state you are running? You can find your IMEI there as well

Looks like you are running the C firmware which is from China Mobile, we advise you to install the generic A version which does not have carrier apps.





I installed today, without any problems, the international firmware.

Meanwhile I received a confirmation from Meizu, too; it’s a genuine phone.

Thank you very much!

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Basically it is quite hard to fake Meizu phones - at least I never saw a real copy.
Back then there only was a Meizu MX fake, however it came with stock Android, not Flyme.

That is the exact start up screen I have, mine was from GearBest and by the look of the packaging mine arrived in it was sent from China to London and then shipped out to me.

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