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HELP! I accidentally deleted a system app from my phone! I cleaned the cache from my Personalization theme app as it was using much space. Then when I returned to the home screen the application had disappeared! I am still able to view the app I’m my settings but it is faded out and it says ’not installed’. What can I do to reinstall or retrieve the app? Thank you.

I am not very good with this procedure, are you able to post a link or a description as to how to do this, possibly with step by step instructions? That would be of great help. Thank you.

See the FAQ below:

That has not helped me. There is unfortunatly no information about this . Thank you anyway. Is there anything else that I can have a look at?


@AexoticE yes there is, just re-flash the firmware and clear all data.

Hello, thanks but the F.A.Q doesn’t mention anything about re flashing. I also don’t know how to do this procedure. I’ve not tired this before.


@AexoticE That’s great so it’s time you try it, don’t waste more time by repeating your question. Simply start to work.

Do what is written in the UPGRADE section of the F.A.Q.
And as you messes with your system, it’s important that you tick, clear all user data. This will delete all your apps, and will make you reinstall the google store as soon the update is applied.

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