Meizu MX5 unlock possible?

Dear friends,

Our strong phone Meizu MX5 cant have a many feature what other phone have. Because all is locked. If you download many camera application on the store you will see the good option but there are all locked. We cant tahe RAW photos. If you install application “Manual Camera” you will see RAW, ISO, slow shutte with more seaconds, etc… and many other application but all of them are locked. We need to unlocked it to have all of this.

And if you look my old post you will see the possibility for super slow motion and etc… but all is locked.

PLEASE, my firends did someone know how to do this? How to unlocked it?

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Meizu MX4 Pro

I also would be lucky to take raw Fotos :( I really hope somebody finds out how to unlock the bootlader

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In GooglePlay download FreeDcam app, FreeDcam viewer can convert meizu MX5 raw to dng. Raw shot from engineer menu

@Virus-ru please tell me how to do this? I download this application. What know?

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