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Dear Friends,

I recently purchased MX5 in India for the specs whcih can’t be matched by any phone at this price in India. I am facing some issues. Could not copy or paste files from my Phone to Computer or vice versa. Installed driver from Android XDA forum to get my computer connected to mobile but still can’t move files. My Bluetooth is also not able transfer at speed more than 30 Kb/Sec. As discussed in the forums not able to connect and transfer files to and fro from USB OTG. I will be happy if I can connect my mobile either with Computer via PC Suite or any other means, USB or Bluetooth at high speed since it has Bluetooth 4.1. Please suggest. Thank you all in advance

@Shiva lyer Rely no help for you but I normally use Airdroid to transferring files between phone and PC. I took it a test with my Ubuntu laptop and for me it worked fine.

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Dear Mr.Hobbek,

Thank you for the reply. Finally got some problems resolved by installing app xender which helped in moving my videos and photos from my mobile to my mipad. I bought this phone primarily for 4K recording of my international vacation. Videos are huge in size and hence studied so many options to move the files either to OTG or any other device and succeeded in some. OTG opens up only once and shows up as my device1. I am using San Disk USB OTG 32 GB. But once you exit, it is difficult to get into that page and will have to unplug the USB OTG and reinsert to browse the files in OTG. Moving files from mobile to OTG was possible, easy and very fast. Does this phone supports 64 GB USB OTG. I wanted to try the Flyme Beta version as so many of them has given a thumbs up for the same due to its improved battery life. Should I try it or will it brick my phone. i am not a heavy user. It is very difficult to speak to the Customer care person in India and get reply from them on the above matters on whatsapp. I mailed them too and they requested me to be patient.

I have no problem with Flyme 5 beta.

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