Log out from Flyme account without password?


I just updated my M1 Note to the latest version and noticed that it had become unrooted. The problem is that I cannot seem to root it again, since I can’t access my Flyme account. I’ve tried all passwords imaginable, but I just can’t get into the account. Password reset doesn’t work, because it only allows me to send a code to my old, disabled, pre-paid Chinese number - and to make it even worse, I don’t live in China any more.

I tried creating a new account, but my phone won’t let me use it until i “properly” log out from my old account first.

Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?



@zarfoz it is not possible. What you can do though is contact mzcs@meizu.com and send them an invoice of your device.

Thanks for your reply! That’s really disappointing. I contacted the supported and offered to provide photos of my original packaging and receipt (from China Unicom) to prove my purchase. Hopefully they’ll help me out. I’ll keep you posted with how it goes to help people who run into the same problem.

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