Back touch button problem

My back touch button stops responding very often, then it’s fine again.Also many times it registers 2 “clicks” instead of 1 when I touch it.One strange thing is that sometimes when it cames back after the dead period it clicks itself quickly many times,like 10-20, maybe for the times that it wasn’t responding before.

I’ve tried everything, factory reset, clear data+upgrade, format disk.It does it in clean installation of 4.5.3I, 4.5.4I, 4.5.4A.I haven’t read any report of this problem.Any ideas?

Maybe you have a faulty touch button.

I have the same problem so I really need a solution for that. Any ideas?

Meizu m2 note

as a backup plan you can always install virtual keys from market, but that’s not the real solution for your problem

Yes, I know this software solution, but i would like to repair my phone. I watched disassembly clips on Youtube, also there are button for spare parts on, but I’m not sure if the button is faulty or some other part.
Other ideas, please?

Update all your application on google playstore. It works for me…

Gusy i would suggest you to enable navigation bar which features back and home button. root ur devices first… Search for that if u dont know. Then after that… U need to download xplore or root explorer on playstore… Then please click root panel>sytem> click and hild build.prop and click edit text… Then go to the very buttom and type " qemu.hw.mainkeys=0. No spaces and no capital letters. Aftr that reboot ur device and then thats it

Thanks verry much.
Is working but:
Meizu m3s have button like iphone, is not ok with this bottom bar with buttons like usual android phone.
Useful staff:

  • for root mode we need to connect in meizu account and after in setting we have option for root in finger&security.
  • for editing file i use Root Browser, X-plore don’t work.
Meizu m3s

Your right, the buttons on the m3s is binded like an iphone, you might need to rebind the button through the files /system/usr/keylayout/######.kl. I still couldn’t get which file to edit.
You can always use the SmartTouch in flyme. You find it in Setting -> Accessibility -> SmartTouch -> Enable.

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