Change resolution from 2k to 1080p

Is there any safe method to change the resolution of MX4 Pro from 2k to 1080p. Battery performance and cpu would be awesome at 1080p


btw will be nice if people who using lower resolution share experience… how battery working? how long it last.

There is scaling problems and the improvements are not big enough to justify changing it.

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did anyone find out how tho decrease the resolution to fhd ?

Meizu MX4 Pro

You cannot. You can force android and gpu to render in 1080p, but it would upscale to 1440p screen so u won’t gain better battery performance.
All u can gain is performance, in games mostly.

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but why any other phone can but only on the mx4 pro it doesnt work ?!

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Other phones will also upscale. I wouldn’t downgrade resolution though, unless you are gaming.
I don’t know how people can’t tell difference between 400ppi(thats 5.5inch fhd screen) vs 550ppi. I saw it without any comparision, but I’m a bit catchy.

If you ask why its hard to force it - well, probably because of flyme :P
There is also another important thing, you cant downsample to 1080p because our phone isn’t 16:9 aspect ratio!
You need to keep 15:9 proportions, which will be 1920x1152.

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Also, if you changed resolution you’ve just changed DPI of system as well. That’t why you get small icons.
You need to adjust dpi to your new resolution.

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sry I dont really get it wheres the Problem now? why can we not performe the trick in the video I linked before ? on other Android phones it works also with better performance which I really need because im reallly annoyed because my phone overheats after 1min usage and it laggs like hell.

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I haven’t tried it so i can’t answer what’s especially wrong.
Mine also was getting hot on new frimware, and drained battery fast. I used root booster, opg pro (you can find on xda forum), removed unwanted chineese apk’s, and for now everything is fine. So appareantly there were some heavy processes in background.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@n3roxe thanks, what apps did you acctually uninstall ?

I’ve done it a few months ago. You need root access, a root explorer and a terminal program.
Modifying built.prop and typing a command in the terminal is enough :)

I only had problems with the FlyMe logo on startup because of the lower ppi…

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