My phone can't mount the SD card

I have the Meizu M2 Note, and i have recently I bought a Samsung SDHC card 128GB.
When I first use it in my computer (with an USB adapter) i formatted it to be a NTFS (didn’t know back then that Android OS doesn’t support it), of course my phone didn’t recognise the card.
Then I formatted it to be an exFat file system and my phone couldn’t mount it either.
So I turn to use third-party softwares to turn it into FAT32 which failed as well, even tried to make partitions (4 of 32GB - FAT32) and I couldn’t do it with “Paragon” (it didn’t succeed formatting the other three partitions).

What can I do? my phone just won’t recognise my SD card!

Hi ,

Did you try delete all partitions on the pc and then format the card on the phone ?

the phone “see” the card , but do not mount , or can not "see"it at all ?

Maybe try a smaller card, 32 or 16GB. Maybe if you have a class 10 card it will not work. Try an older standard like class 4.

I have a Samsung PRO MB-MG64D/EU 64Gb , its a class10 and works very well

I have purchased a Samsung microSDXC UHS-I 64GB class 10 card. May I know the correct procedures to mount the SD card? Should I format it first in PC before insert into the phone?
Thanks in advance.

In my case i format the card direvtly on the phone ,and it works well.

My M2 Note already upgraded to latest firmware, but it still unable to detect the Samsung microSDXC UHS-I 64GB class 10 card. The same microSD work without problem in another digital camera. I also formatted in PC and no luck!

I finally purchase a SanDisk 32GB class 4 and it worked.

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From what I could tell, this phone does support large (64 GB) microSD cards, as long as they’re formatted as FAT32 and not ExFAT.
They always come factory formatted as ExFAT (per SDXC standard) and Windows doesn’t allow formatting volumes larger than 32 GB as FAT32, so you need to format them in the phone as FAT32 and they’d work. Alternatively, you can format them as FAT32 in Linux, if you have access to a Linux box.

Thanks. But how can I format the SD if it can’t be detected by the phone. I can see a message “SD card detected Press to check” everytime when I restarted the phone with the SanDisk card. I would expect some kind of message like “SD card detected Unknown format” when the card format is not FAT32! So I guess that I will get the same result even I format it on a linux box. The point is the phone unable to detect the card at the first place!

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I have a FAT32 formatted 64 GB microSD in my m2 Note (International), which I formatted in Linux and it works as expected. When I inserted an ExFAT formatted one, it indeed didn’t offer to format it (or give any indication that there even was one inserted). So I guess the only option is Linux. Sorry.


I formated the Samsung SD in linux and my m2 note able to detect it now. Thank you very much :)

According to your description, there’s no problem on your SD card, so you can try checking your Android. At first, make sure M2 support a SD card with storage of 128 GB, and then checking if metal wires in the card slot got rusty and twisted on your phone. You can also turn to some article about SD card failed to be mounted.

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