Battery problem

Hello,i think that i have a lillte problem with my battery.When the battery drops to 20% suddenly goes to 10% on 1 miniute and after 1 minute the phone close.I try to find what apps is running but nothing.I had wakelock app but it is normal.Is says awake 4%-6%.Can you help me ???
i had U version and i flash A but problem exists.

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It’s strange… I don’t have this problem… Maybe you’ve some apps that drop battery fast?

ok but if this apps drop battery fast ??? why is battery 60% drops normally and when goes to 20% drops very fast ???

This is related to battery calibration. There are some topics on this forum with tips to help you. You can use the search function at the top/right of our webpage.

Hi,I try calibration of the battery.I saw better battery drain but sometimes battery starts drain fast.I saw it last week this problem.I unplug the phone and i have 100% and after 5 minutesi have 97%.I didin’t anything from the first time.Maybe it is some apps.When i restart my phone stop to drop fast.I fix with restart and after two days same problem.Also i freeze the Security app and i nstall Greenify

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